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JCHamilton Consulting is a Houston-based Information Technology consulting firm that provides IT services based on a proven commitment to the discipline of Operational Excellence.

Our mission is to provide practical solutions, delivering high value at a reasonable cost to the customer. We aim to exceed client expectations in service delivery, quality of talent and results.

In its essence, the discipline of Operational Excellence means "doing

the right things, and doing things right!".  JCHamilton Consulting helps companies "identify the right things" to focus on in managing IT services and how to "manage these services the right way".  A detailed description of the Operational Excellence discipline as applied to managing IT services can be found in the book, Unlocking the Power of Information Technology, described in the Reference Materials page. This text is based on the author's many years of experience as a senior IT leader at ExxonMobil and describes how this highly successful multinational corporation organizes and manages IT services to achieve pacesetter results, with a cost structure much lower than key competitors.


Engagement: Project Management Services for Wipro Solutions, assisting Royal Dutch Shell deliver a Smart Manufacturing solution for refineries and chemical plants globally - May 2013

Press Release: The Authoritative Book on IT Management, Unlocking the Power of Information Technology, is Now Available as a Kindle eBook - 13/Feb/2013

Engagement: IT Consulting services for the FTC, regarding the Kinder Morgan /El Paso merger - May 2012

Engagement: Consulting on Data Center Co-location Services and Public Cloud Services for SMBs - Jan 2012

Engagement: Consulting on Project Management Processes for large corporations - Oct 2011

Engagement: IT Director services for TPC Group - Oct 2009

Press Release: New Book on IT Management Helps Companies Survive the Downturn - 2/Feb/2009

Article on Operational Excellence in IT Management Published in Ezine Articles - 20/Feb/2009

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