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Unlocking the Power of IT - Table of Contents




Chapter One - Introduction                                                                       

The Operational Excellence Value Proposition

       Competitive Advantage from IT

       The Seven Steps to Operational Excellence in IT Management

       Chapter Outline


Chapter Two - Understand What the Internal Customer Needs        

Business Alignment, Strategic Planning and IT Governance

       Business Alignment

       Strategic Planning


       The Role of the CIO

       Operational Excellence Summary - Customer Focus


Chapter Three - Create a Blueprint to Guide What You Build   
The IT Architecture

       An Architecture is Essential for Operational Excellence

       Driven by the Strategic Plan

       The Architectural Model

         Application Architecture

         Data Architecture

         Technology Architecture

         Security Architecture

       IT Controls and Sarbanes-Oxley

       Architecture Services

       Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

       Operational Excellence Summary - Architecture


Chapter Four - Deliver Service to the Customer           

Manage IT Systems as Services

       Characteristics of a Service

       The Value of Managing IT Systems as Services

       How Services are Defined and Managed

       Infrastructure Services

       Application Services

       Service Governance

       Generic Service Management Processes

       Service Management Practices in ITIL

       Operational Excellence Summary - Services


Chapter Five - Excel at Managing Change                           

Project Management Discipline

       Failure Statistics

       Causes of Failure

       The Remedy

       Project Management Methodology

       Stages and Gate Reviews

       Critical Areas of Focus

       The Project Management Office (PMO)

       Operational Excellence Summary - Project Management


Chapter Six - Organize for Success and Effectiveness             

The IT Organizational Model

       The IT Organization

       The Customer Account Management Organization

       The Applications Organization

       The Infrastructure Organization

       The Projects Organization

       The Architecture Organization

       The Business Services Organization

       The HR Support Organization

       Mapping Services and Service Management Processes to
        Organization Structure

       Centralized or Distributed Staff?


       Operational Excellence Summary - Organization


Chapter Seven - Manage the Most Critical Resource             
Develop and Nurture the IT Staff

       IT Staffing Strategy


       Performance Assessment

       Development and Training

       The Job Family Guides Career Development

       Individual Career Planning and Company Position Planning

       Special Focus on High Potential Staff Development

       Ongoing Staff Placement

       Retention Strategies

       Special Consideration for the Baby Boom Phenomenon

       Operational Excellence Summary - People Management and


Chapter Eight - Leverage In-house Capabilities               
Use of Contracted Services, Outsourcing and Offshoring

       Internal Partnerships

       Consultants and Contractors

       Contracted Services


       In-house Offshoring

       Operational Excellence Summary - Leverage and Extend In-house 


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