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Information Technology is critical to any business and most CEOs today recognize that their businesses cannot survive and prosper without a well functioning IT service, underpinning and supporting every transaction and activity throughout the enterprise.


The Challenge:

The world of Information Technology can be an intimidating maze of terminology and hype, with an insatiable appetite for ongoing and new project funding. Many business leaders struggle with questions on how IT can make the business more competitive, how much to spend on IT, how to be sure benefits will accrue from the very significant investments, and how to effectively organize and manage IT, when it is not the main mission of the enterprise or the core competence of senior business leaders.  Given the critical dependence of their business operations on IT services, they also worry about business continuity in the event of a major system failure, or corruption of corporate data by hackers or viruses. 


There is ample evidence in trade journals (and even in the popular press) of high profile security breaches and IT project failures, and many published surveys also show a high level of dissatisfaction with the performance of internal IT departments.  These fears are well founded and there is no question that a company's core business operations can be jeopardized if IT services are not properly designed and executed.  


The Solution:

Any company in any industry can avoid these debilitating scenarios by focusing on operational excellence in the design and provision of their internal IT services.  In doing so, they will become more efficient internally, exceed customer expectations with superior products and service, and establish a reputation in the marketplace for quality, efficiency, responsiveness and the ability to do things right the first time and every time.  JCHamilton Consulting is committed to providing the know-how and practical guidance to help companies establish that capability.


Excellence in IT operations results from - a habitual and relentless commitment to delivering quality IT services that are tightly coupled with the business processes they serve, a strong focus on managing the details, and a pervasive culture of continuous improvement. It starts with engagement and commitment from the CEO and the executive team, and ensuring mechanisms are in place to align IT activities with business goals.  IT services need to be designed and implemented consistent with a strategic plan and an overall architecture, and must be enabled and supported by standard management processes and best practices.  Companies that are able to master the discipline of Operational Excellence in managing IT services will enjoy a significant and lasting competitive advantage in the marketplace.


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