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JCHamilton Consulting provides the following services to our clients:

IT Consulting services - tailored to individual client needs

Scope - operational excellence, organizational design,

best practices and process improvement, business alignment, governance, sourcing, and project management processes

Assessments - based on a clear understanding of client

goals and reference to the "seven steps to Operational Excellence in IT Management"

Recommendations - specific, clear proposals on IT

processes, organization, staffing and project opportunities designed to improve services and address the client's business goals

IT Project Management and Change Management services

Specific project management engagements

Establishment of project management discipline and        methodology
Implementation of a PMO and project portfolio management processes
Specific change management engagements

Interim CIO services

Continuity of critical services

Identification of improvement opportunities

Succession planning assistance

Expert services are provided at affordable rates, either on a lump sum basis for an agreed scope of work or on a per diem basis, depending on each particular client's needs.

Why engage JCHamilton Consulting rather than one of the large IT consulting firms like Deloitte, Accenture, IBM, PWC or McKinsey etc?

We are specifically focused on adding business value through operational excellence in managing IT services - operationally excellent IT services deliver a sustainable competitive advantage for the business

We provide service improvement guidance based on a proven management discipline

Assessments and recommendations are provided by a pragmatic IT management practitioner with experience in both large and medium sized corporations

Services are flexible and tailored to the specific needs of each individual client - ranging from fast-track, "quick hit" recommendations to longer term partnerships

Services are highly competitive and more affordable than those provided by the large IT consulting firms

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