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James Hamilton provides IT Management consulting services and has authored a book on Operational Excellence in IT Management with the title, Unlocking the Power of Information Technology.

The book has a powerful message that resonates with business leaders, IT managers and business school academia. It describes a disciplined strategy to dramatically transform the performance of a corporation through operational excellence in the provision of IT services. Unlocking the Power of Information Technology describes the essential processes and management practices that enable the corporate IT function to become a successful contributor to the bottom line of the corporation. 

This text is based on the author's many years of experience as a 

a senior IT leader at ExxonMobil and describes how this highly successful multinational corporation organizes and manages IT services to achieve pacesetter results, with a cost structure much lower than key competitors. Only a few corporations operate at this level of performance today, but Unlocking the Power of Information Technology can help any company in any industry achieve this goal.

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Unlocking the Power of Information Technology describes how IT services should be aligned with business goals, what critical capabilities need to be established and how to organize and manage IT services across the company. The book is organized into seven key focus areas, and any organization that implements and manages IT services along these lines can achieve the goal of transforming IT from a troublesome cost center to an efficient, secure, and cost-effective service to the corporation.

Seven Steps to Operational Excellence

Enabling IT Response Mechanism

1. Understand what the Internal Customer Needs

Business Alignment, Strategic Planning and IT Governance

2. Create a Blueprint to Guide What you Build

The IT Architecture

3. Deliver Service to the Customer

Manage IT Systems as Services

4. Excel at Managing Change

Project Management Discipline

5. Organize for Success and Effectiveness

The IT Organizational Model

6. Manage the Most Critical Resource

Develop and Nurture the IT Staff

7. Leverage In-house Capabilities

Use of Contracted Services, Outsourcing and Offshoring

By reviewing the specific guidelines in each of these seven areas, business executives and IT managers can have a meaningful dialogue on how their IT services measure up, and what to do about dramatically improving these services.  

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