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Unlocking the Power of IT - Critical Reviews

"In such turbulent times, we prize those among us who see clearly.  Jim Hamilton is one of the most insightful and pragmatic Information Technology Management authorities in our time.  His book provides acute insights about the critical success factors that drive the real value of any complex Information Technology organization."

- Joe Fallacara, President, Net-Com IT Solutions.


"A very good book on IT Management......an ideal process for a new organization like ours to do it right.....very thorough and easy to read, with excellent examples, guidance and advice....."

- Glenn McGinnis, CEO, Arizona Clean Fuels Yuma. 

"An excellent framework covering almost every facet of IT, with a strong dose of business focus.......a very good place to start for any organization wishing to get its IT organization on track in these difficult economic times."

- Larry Scott, Chief IT Architect, ExxonMobil Corporation.


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